The Outer Realm of Space and Time

"I do not know what type of man I am"
The Doctor
"Your allowed on my ship, God ain't"
The Captain

Bored writing story. Please tell me how it is. If it is good then I shal write more. My english skills are horrible so please don’t complain.

Chapter one: Discovery

"Looking out at the fields, I can’t help but to imagine a world without violence. Can you imagine it, peace, relaxation and diplomacy at its best. Oh it would be perfect" Starring at Ms. Brown as she enters.

"Would you like some tea, Master Smith."

"No thank you, Madame. You may have some if you wish."

"But Master Smith If I do, there will surely be a wippin, and Bessy is this weeks wipper"

"Ah, yes its a good thing nobody will find out, am I right?" Winked Smith.

"Thank you sir"

Heading out onto the patio, Smith sees the landscapers trimming the hedges as the bright sun is high in the sky to where you can see the reflection off of the freshly cut grass, and the reflection in the four fountains along side the gravel walk way. To the east there is smoke from the factories fill the sky. “Bloody Hell, can you explain me why we can see the factory smoke all the way out here?” Asked Smith furiously. “Ah Master Smith and good morning to you as well, and may I say you are the one who chose this view”

"Yes, however just look at the smoke something isn’t right, it is like a giant beast"

"You are Just Imagining things Sir."

"Imagining things aren’t in my profile sir after I served in the war"

"And what war would that be, there hasn’t been a war in, oh, twenty years. And you are only twenty."

"The war against… oh who am I kidding come here old friend"

Smiling the two embrace in a hug. “Although you are right Mr. Smith, there is something in the air. I dare say nothing against it because they are watching us” whispered Captain. “After all these years of us working together you don’t think I can’t get a hint” Replied Smith smiling. Releasing from the hug Smith asks “Will you please take a seat so we can relax sitting down and look at this beautiful day.” “Of course, my friend.”

Just as it got quiet Ms. Brown is coming out of the mansion door shaking with refreshments on a nice silk cloth resting on a tray. “Why do you shake in fear my dear” asked Smith. “Bessy caught me having that drink you gave me” replied Ms. Brown shaking from pain. “Here let me take that tray off your hands” giving the hand guessers, “I mustn’t sir or else I will be beat again.” “Then just leave it here and we will pour our own glasses, can take a break Ms. Brown”

As Ms. Brown has left ear shot Captain looks at Smith with a nice puppy dog face. Pursing his lips giving the kissing sound. “Does she know about your feelings for her?” “I honestly don’t know, seeing how it is outlawed for a white man to love a negro, however she is a smart child so I have no idea.” “Oh tell me all about her” replied Captain with sarcasm. Laughing “You are truly funny my friend.” Nah, but on the other side of the blade you need to be careful, some people get lynched for these kind of actions.” “Yes, but those people aren’t John Smith.” “Ah your cockiness will get the best of you my friend.” “Thanks for your concern Captain” 

Pouring Captain a glass of tea, Smith sees a bump in the silk cloth. “I wonder what this could be?” Lifting the cloth there is an envelope with the words “Master Smith” on it. Captain leaning in to see what the fuss is all about, seeing the envelope he looks at Smith and chuckles “oh a love letter, for the Master”

So how was that? Terrible, right?

  • 29 December 2012
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